1. The Benefits of Training our Guard Team on Less Lethal Measures

    Your business’ security is important, but so is the safety of your employees and others on your business’ property. That’s why it’s so important that both unarmed guards and armed guards are properly trained on using less lethal measures. Studies show that less lethal measures can be much more effective in harm reduction and de-escalation of a situation than lethal measures. While everythi…Read More

  2. Identifying Potential Warning Signs That Lead to Workplace Violence and What You Can Do About It?

    Supervisors and administrators in a workplace must have regular conversations with their workforce about the potential occurrence of violence in the workplace. It's essential for the employees to be aware of warning signs of workplace violence and report them immediately. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 453 U.S. workers were victims of homicide in 2018 due to workplace violence. Meanwh…Read More

  3. 8 Facts You Might Not Know About Security Guard Jobs

    Being a security guard is a profession that not only requires physical strength but also mental endurance as it requires long hours and the ability to think and act quickly to defuse hostile situations. While it takes a specific type of person to be interested in security guard positions, security jobs will always be in high demand, making it an increasingly popular profession for someone to consi…Read More

  4. How to Become a Security Guard in Tennessee

    With over 100 people moving to Nashville, TN each day and 1 million more people expected to move to Middle Tennessee over the next 20 years, Tennessee has become the country's 16th most populated state. In addition to those residing in Nashville, approximately 15.2 million tourists come to Nashville alone for its world famous honky tonks, food and music scene. With the growing number of residents,…Read More

  5. A Real-Life Security Guard Attack, Broken Down

    Security guards are put in dangerous situations every day. The repercussions from these situations can be as real as life and death. Because of that, we are going to break down a real-life incident that recently occurred, resulting in a horrific outcome and determine if there were steps that could have been taken to lead to a different result. The Incident On June 3, 2019, in Charlotte, NC, an on-…Read More

  6. How to survive as a security guard

    Security Officers are Dying. Let’s Talk Survival!

    Following these 5 steps could be the difference between life or death for a security guard. When someone thinks about law enforcement deaths, security officer deaths is not something that typically comes to mind. In fact, security officers can be at a higher risk for injuries and assaults than police officers due to their proximity to the environment they are securing, demographics they interact w…Read More

  7. Extra Security During Summer Travel

    Don’t Get Burned This Summer: Secure Your Home No matter how long our Nashville winters last, summer is always a welcomed respite from the greyed and dreary cityscape. Our minds become abuzz with summer travel ideas and semi-thought out plans that take us far from our normal routines. Yet while scouring the Web for cheap flights and hotels is probably your most pressing concern, getting the righ…Read More

  8. When is the Right Time to Hire Security Services?

    Lead By Example If you’ve spent even the most modest amount of time running or assisting in business operations, then you’re surely quite familiar with the importance and immediacy of dates, deadlines, and details. Moreover, tending to pressing business matters not only gives you an edge over your competition, but instills a sense of a hard and smart work ethic that assuredly will be visible t…Read More