When you think about security, what comes to mind?

More than likely, you’re imagining the archetypes of security—guards, fences, and surveillance cameras—but security is so much more than that. Security is defined as the procedures followed or measures taken to ensure the safety of a state or organization, but the word itself comes from the Latin root word securus, meaning “free from care.” From this, we can see that security is a dichotomy. Firstly, it is all the procedures, measures, and efforts devoted to protecting your business, staff, and clients. Secondly, it is the ultimate goal of all those procedures, measures, and efforts—to be free from worry or concern for what you are protecting. If you’re looking for simple, overt security that fulfills the first definition, your options are a dime a dozen. But if you are searching for a company that can offer you both the security of your business, and the freedom from worry, JS Security Consulting can help.

At JS Security Consulting, we approach security as a comprehensive issue. This means that when you schedule your free consultation, our first steps are learning who you are, your security needs, and your current security plans. Once that’s established, the next step is designing a comprehensive security plan that meets your needs. This is no small order. JS Security Consulting offers a wide array of services: armed and unarmed security, security escorts, consulting services, reception and front desk service, fire watch services, facility security services, construction security, and property surveillance.

To provide such a diverse range of security services, we rely on our industry experts, all professionals hired from law enforcement, military, correctional facility officers, and their combined 100 years of experience. Our experts will then design a plan that incorporates our services that will best provide the results you need, and the peace of mind you deserve. But we don’t stop there. As time passes, your security systems will be routinely reevaluated and optimized, because we know that to keep you protected, we have to keep your security up to date.

Comprehensive security cannot simply be a facade. The risks and threats you hope to shield your business from are real, and the repercussions of failing to deter them are real as well. Security is our business, and we are experts. We can provide top of the line security guards, services, planning, and audits. We fulfill the first definition of security, and when you choose JS Security Consulting, you fulfill the second definition. You deserve that freedom from worry, to know that what matters most to you is safe and secure. If you’re ready to take the first step, contact JS Security Consulting today to schedule your free consultation.