1. Five More Ways to Keep Your Warehouse Secure

    Security is a constantly evolving response to constantly evolving threats. Anticipating and identifying your security’s most likely points of failure is an essential part of optimizing your comprehensive security. While implementing security cameras, deterrent lighting, alarm systems, security officer patrols, and access control will largely defend your property against attack, there are always …Read More

  2. Five Ways to Optimize Warehouse Security

    For owners of shipping facilities or warehouse storage, there is no faster way to lose profit than becoming a victim of cargo theft. Through a variety of means, over 200 cargo thefts were committed in the first quarter of this year, costing on average nearly $300,000. If you don’t wish to join the increasing number of cargo theft victims, it will require a comprehensive approach to your security…Read More

  3. Three Additions to Take Your Daily Activity Reports to the Next Level

    If you are investing money in security, it can be difficult to guarantee the value your system genuinely provides. Among other things, daily activity reports can offer a way to observe all the actions and processes taking place under your security, and demonstrate where exactly your money is being allocated. Unfortunately, security is often the first place businesses turn when seeking areas to def…Read More

  4. Four Things Every Daily Activity Report Must Include

    In order to constantly improve your security, your security plan must include daily activity reports. Daily activity reports document all relevant activities and information regarding security, both for client communication, and are essential to monitoring and optimizing the status of your comprehensive security. Here’s four things every daily activity report must include: Arrival and Departure …Read More

  5. Three Reasons To Improve Your Business’s Access Control

    At the simplest level, if a threat cannot access your business, your clients and staff are safe. Security aims to provide that peace of mind as much as possible, and through a comprehensive approach, will often succeed in protecting what matters most from harm or illicit activity. That protection starts with proper access control. Access control refers to the restriction of a building, property, o…Read More

  6. What’s Right For You: Armed or Unarmed Security?

    There is no one size fits all approach to security. The variety of concerns and conditions at your business will inform which security methods will maximize your overall security and peace of mind. But when you hear the word security, what comes to mind is likely the most iconic and effective method—the security guard. An excellent deterrent to criminal activity, security guards offer a tremendo…Read More

  7. We are a Comprehensive Security Company

    When you think about security, what comes to mind? More than likely, you’re imagining the archetypes of security—guards, fences, and surveillance cameras—but security is so much more than that. Security is defined as the procedures followed or measures taken to ensure the safety of a state or organization, but the word itself comes from the Latin root word securus, meaning “free from care.…Read More

  8. Three Reasons Why Mobile Security Services Fall Short

    As more and more companies look to improve their security, one solution many select are mobile security services. Mobile security services are a security system in which roving guards, usually in marked vehicles, patrol premises, entry areas, or respond to system alarms. This method offers a much more economical approach to security, as most mobile security services patrol multiple properties an h…Read More

  9. The Price of Complacency: Why Your Construction Site Needs a Security Company

    E.W. Howe once wrote, “Many a man is saved from being a thief by finding everything locked up.” Unfortunately for many in the construction industry, their sites are making thieves of many men, and losing them billions of dollars in the process. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the National Equipment Register’s most recent statistics, construction site theft has skyrockete…Read More

  10. Three Reasons You Need to Hire Construction Security

    Construction sites require a tremendous amount of oversight, safety protocols, and communication. With all the complexities and moving parts, it can be easy to forget the importance of keeping your site secure. Here’s three reasons why maintaining your construction security cannot be ignored. Equipment and Material theft—There are many valuable pieces of equipment and materials on-site at any …Read More