Security is a constantly evolving response to constantly evolving threats. Anticipating and identifying your security’s most likely points of failure is an essential part of optimizing your comprehensive security. While implementing security cameras, deterrent lighting, alarm systems, security officer patrols, and access control will largely defend your property against attack, there are always gaps. Here are five more ways to guarantee your warehouse is no easy target.

  1. Remote Footage Backup—Security cameras are a fantastic way to allow remote monitoring throughout your protected areas and a means of deterrence to criminals. To ensure this footage is always available to access and unable to simply be destroyed onsite, make sure to remotely backup all security camera footage to an offsite location for storage.
  2. Reinforcing Entry Points—While certainly not as flashy or impressive as reinforced, metal doors, reinforcing entry points like doorways and windows is a fantastic way to prevent forced entry. Installing reinforced doorways and window frames, long door screws, and robust deadbolts or other locking mechanisms should make your property nearly impossible to access surreptitiously.
  3. Make Security Checks Part of Opening and Closing Procedures—If your warehouse does not operate 24/7, making security checks part of opening and closing procedures is a great way to ensure that entry points are always inspected before opening and closing. Additionally, this procedure allows security personnel to have additional opportunities to inventory sensitive areas and ensure they have not been tampered with.
  4. Background Checks—All the excellent measures you can implement to secure your property is of little benefit if you are not properly vetting personnel allowed into secure areas. Requiring background checks to ensure employees are qualified and trustworthy will greatly reduce the risk of an internal threat to your comprehensive security.
  5. Outsource to a Proven Provider—When it comes to security, experience pays. If you want to focus on your job and leave the security to us, only entrust your business to the best. With over 100 combined years of security experience, our seasoned staff offers you a free consultation to allow us to find the best way to keep you safe and your property secure. To schedule your free consultation, contact JS Security Consulting today!