If you are investing money in security, it can be difficult to guarantee the value your system genuinely provides. Among other things, daily activity reports can offer a way to observe all the actions and processes taking place under your security, and demonstrate where exactly your money is being allocated. Unfortunately, security is often the first place businesses turn when seeking areas to defund. To help your superiors or clients understand the value security offers, here are three additions to take your daily activity reports to the next level.

  1. Proof of Value—Including details that catalog exactly what officers or systems do to protect your business are vital in demonstrating the proof of value. Officers should be coached in language to include within their reports that passively include this aspect within their daily activity report entries.
  2. Safety Optimization—Daily activity reports should always include mentions and descriptions of actions taken to optimize site security and safety. Risk and liability reduction helps to demonstrate the financial benefits of maintaining a robust and full-time security system to superiors and clients.
  3. Client Commitment—At the conclusion of each daily activity report, care should be taken to reaffirm the commitment to the client. Security is a two way street, and only by providing excellent service can you truly feel your security company is worth your investment. Ending each daily activity report with a summary of how the services conducted fulfill the needs of your business’s security allows you to know exactly how your investment is providing the service you deserve.

Developing a comprehensive security system is not easy. Explaining and demonstrating how that comprehensive security system is worth its cost isn’t either. Providing superiors and customers with detailed, easy-to-read, and purposefully completed daily activity reports is an excellent way for both the security company and client to observe exactly what is being done to achieve optimal security and how those actions protect the business or property. If you are looking for an experienced company that can provide you with both, contact JS Security Consulting today to schedule a free consultation.