At the simplest level, if a threat cannot access your business, your clients and staff are safe. Security aims to provide that peace of mind as much as possible, and through a comprehensive approach, will often succeed in protecting what matters most from harm or illicit activity. That protection starts with proper access control. Access control refers to the restriction of a building, property, or area’s access to only those authorized to enter, and although you’ve likely never heard the term, you see access control almost everywhere. Turnstiles in buildings, door locks in offices, and even the password protection on your cell phone or computer all are examples of access control at work. Here’s three reasons why you need to improve your business’s access control.

  1. Accountability—Proper access control will passively screen all persons attempting to enter your business. As a result, you will have constant, up-to-date information about who is in your business, both visitors and employees. This information can be critical when conducting accountability formations in the event of an evacuation, and also allows you to passively monitor the comings and goings of your business.
  2. Crime Deterrence—Access control, when designed and implemented properly, should prevent entry to all unauthorized persons who attempt to enter. These security measures, especially coupled with full-time security guards, are often more than enough to keep your business out of illicit activity’s crosshairs.
  3. Cost-effectiveness—If your access control limits the entry and exit points of your business, you lessen the amount of areas requiring physical or remote surveillance to monitor activity. Keeping the ability to access your business as condensed as possible allows you to save money and effort, allowing you to focus your investments and attention on a single or few key points of access.

Designing and implementing an effective access control system is paramount to improving your business’s comprehensive security. Maintaining the ability to monitor, approve, and reject traffic in and out of your business is one of the most effective ways to ensure your business is protected, but it is still only a single strategy. To begin developing a comprehensive security plan that will keep your business safe from a diversity of threats, contact JS Security Consulting, and schedule your free consultation today!