As more and more companies look to improve their security, one solution many select are mobile security services. Mobile security services are a security system in which roving guards, usually in marked vehicles, patrol premises, entry areas, or respond to system alarms. This method offers a much more economical approach to security, as most mobile security services patrol multiple properties an hour and require far less overhead costs compared to static security, such as a posted, full-time security guard. Unfortunately, mobile security services are not perfect. So, before you decide on what the best security system is for you, here’s three reasons why mobile security services fall short.

  1. Too Routine—Most mobile security services will patrol multiple properties an hour. As they perform their assigned visits, many will neglect to randomize their routes, visit order, and time spent on property. To anyone seeking to exploit gaps in security, this routine is a tremendous weakness. With no stationed, full-time security guard, all they must do is  wait until the mobile security services have completed their patrol and then proceed with their illicit activities.
  2. Less Situational Awareness—No matter how attentive mobile security services may be, observing an area from inside a moving vehicle will never compare to the security guard regularly stationed at the same property. Moreover, with most clients opting to hire mobile security services to patrol at night, their ability to actually identify signs of trespassing or other illicit activity is severely limited.
  3. Reduced Deterrence—Marked vehicles and flashing lights certainly might make someone think twice about gaining illegal access to your property, but nothing beats a property with constant, dedicated, static security. In the same way mobile security services lack the ability to constantly surveill a property against unauthorized access, they also fail to offer the presence of steadfast, full-time security guards posted to a property.

When employed alongside static security, mobile security services offer another layer of very economical security. Alone, however, it offers little other than the theater of security, and very little substantively to protect your property. You deserve better than that. To design a comprehensive security system that can offer your business robust security and peace of mind for you, schedule your free consultation with JS Security Consulting today.