Building Security During Fire Suppression System Installation or Repairs

JS Security Consulting offers a fire watch security service for businesses and commercial buildings in the Nashville area. If you are having a new system installed or having issues with your old system, we can help ensure that your property stays safe. We watch the security panel in which the fire alarm system is being installed or repaired to maintain protection over your facility. In keeping with local and state fire codes, we submit a comprehensive report every 30 minutes with well-documented logs so you can identify issues and keep ahead of problems before they start. We’ll report any alarm issues your facility may experience 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Protect Your Business Or Commercial Building From Fire Dangers

The people who live, work, and play in your building need to be safe. Our fire watch services are handled by experienced security professionals who understand the importance of protecting your building from the dangers of fire. Our team is recruited from skilled current and former military members as well as correctional and law enforcement officers. Our security guard team will be a valuable addition to your building’s staff; you can trust them with your building’s safety.

Call For A Free Consultation On Fire Watch Services

Contact our security company today for a free security consultation regarding your fire watch service needs. You can reach us over the phone or through our website, and one of our skilled security professionals will get in contact with you as soon as possible. Learn more about how we can meet all of your security needs!