When you’re looking for a security company that fits your needs, it can be hard sifting through so many options. Unfortunately, security companies are becoming a dime a dozen, and finding one that actually possesses the experience and resources to adequately fulfill your needs is getting harder and harder. So, the next time you find yourself weighing your options, keep an eye out for these three qualities that a real security company should offer:

  1. Comprehensive Security—Security is so much more than simply guards and padlocks. A good security company will offer you the services of staff trained in various methods of de-escalation and force usage, plans and systems to prepare your business and staff for other emergencies like fires, and always cater to your specific needs.
  2. Optimization—To achieve that level of comprehensive security, a good security company must invest time and attention to constantly reassessing and improving your security measures and systems. The world’s threats are constantly changing, and your security must do the same.
  3. Real World Experience—For a security company to truly offer optimized, comprehensive security services, they must be staffed with industry experts that can employ their wisdom and experience to keep you and your business safe. Look to those companies with diverse, qualified, and proven staff to entrust with your security needs.

Armed with this list, finding a security company that is truly an asset to you and your business should be a bit easier. But, before you spend any more time and effort searching, look no further. JS Security Consulting offers comprehensive security solutions through a variety of options to fit your needs, including armed security, unarmed security, security escorts, consulting services, reception and front desk service, fire watch services, facility security services, construction security, and property surveillance.

In each of these services, JS Security Consulting is designed to constantly optimize our security posture, and evaluates Key Performance Indicators at each of our job locations in three-week intervals, allowing us to regularly audit and improve how we can best keep you safe and secure. To accomplish such an impressive capability, JS Security Consulting is staffed by security professionals that come from a law enforcement, military, or correctional facility background, offering over 100 years of combined experience to design the best security plan and staff for your needs. So, before you spend any more time searching for a real security company for your business, stick with the best, and schedule your free consultation with JS Security Consulting today.