Fire Watch: The Security Service that Cannot be Understated

Fire Watch Services Provide Increased Security – And Peace of Mind

There are myriad factors to consider when deciding which security services are right for you and your business or commercial building. When carefully weighing the benefits of each type of security service, considering the additional security (and peace of mind) fire watch services provide cannot be understated. While most homes and businesses have developed and follow some sort of fire evacuation or management plan, fire watch security services reduce the likelihood of those plans needing to be enacted.

Fire Suppression Systems Are Not Always Enough

Those who rely on your business trust that your building is safe from danger, and those dangers include fire. Keeping fire detectors, alarms, and extinguishers up-to-date is tantamount to developing a comprehensive fire safety plan with your employees. Yet even the most sound fire management plan is undone if your business’ fire alarm and suppression system is down. Consider this: It’s time to update your business’ fire suppression system. You make the call and request the service to your building, and skilled professionals arrive some time after to update your system. You’ve let your employees know that there will be update to the fire alarm and suppression systems during specific times. Ironically, these crucial fire suppression system updates temporarily leave you, your employees, and your business vulnerable to fire. While some security services and security consultants might see this as just another business risk, JS Security understands that the best way to handle a fire is to prevent it.

Fire Prevention & Securing Your System

Much can take place during the hours (or days) it takes to update your fire suppression system. When the system is down, unforeseen problems can arise, heightening the risk of fire spreading before all building occupants are aware of the fire. When your system is being installed or updated, fire watch security services provide an additional level of safety during the maintenance process by closely monitoring the system panel to ensure you and your business remain safe. While monitoring the system panel reduces the risk of fire, our security services are committed to providing you and your business with half-hourly reports, logging any and all improvements, updates, or issues with your fire suppression system. Just by staying aware of the risks associated with fire suppression system updates can drastically reduce the risk. Not only do fire watch security guard services provide higher levels of safety, but also a peace of mind that is invaluable to you, your business, and those who keep your business running smoothly.

Snuff Out Your Fears with Fire Watch Services

Constructing a fire safety plan is rarely a pleasant endeavour. JS Security Consultants understands that you and your business have many other pressing concerns occupying your valuable time. Don’t let the fear of fire hinder your business’ productivity. Contact JS Security Consultants today for a free consultation and more information on how fire watch security services can give you – and your employees – the peace of mind you deserve.