While we commend any attempts at rigging up some dancing mannequins Kevin McCallister style (
and would love to see pictures), there are many, much simpler, methods of keeping kids safe when they’re at home by themselves. If you have children that spend any time at home alone, go over the following safety tips with them to ensure nothing unfortunate happens while you’re away. Of course, these tips are meant for children mature and old enough to be left at home without supervision. In the State of Tennessee, there is no minimum age required by law, so use your best judgement. Typically, children under 10 to 12 years old should not be left unsupervised.

Three Safety Tips For Kids Home Alone

phone-numbersPlan Accordingly

The best thing you can do to keep your kids safe when they’re home alone is to already have safety measures in place. For example, your child should have access to a phone as well as a list of emergency numbers. Some numbers you may list include parent cell phone and work numbers, the numbers of other family members, trusted friends, and trusted neighbors, and emergency services numbers, including non-emergency police and fire. Another way you can plan ahead is to purchase a basic first aid kit, teach your child how to use it, and keep it in an easily accessible place.  

lock-doorKeep Doors & Windows Locked

Keeping windows and doors locked is a basic safety measure, but it’s also very important. You want your children to be in control over who does and who does not have access to the house. That means they should never open the door, even if the person claims to need access to the residence for professional reasons (claims to be landlord, cable guy, etc.) If your front door does not have a peephole, consider installing one so your child can see who is outside. If your child enjoys playing outside, let him or her know that this is not allowed until you get home. If your home is equipped with security services, such as an alarm system, you may consider having your child arm the system as “home” or “stay.”

cell-phone-and-caseBe Cautious of the Phone

Whether your children have access to a landline or have mobile phones of their own, be sure to caution them against telling others that they’re alone. Typically, children home alone should not answer the phone unless they know it is a parent. These days, most people have caller ID, so it should be simple to see who is calling. If your phone does not have caller ID (you need a new phone), plan some sort of calling method to let the child know it’s you calling. For example, you may call once, let it ring twice, hang up, and call right back to let your child know it’s you.

Go over these tips with your children to keep them safe when you’re not home. Need home surveillance services or other security services? Get in touch with JS Security Consulting today.

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