When it comes to keeping your business a safe workplace for you and all of your employees, investing in security services from a professional security company is one of the best decisions you can make. Unfortunately, business owners are not always prepared for crisis situations, and an episode of violence may be what it takes to convince you of the importance of security services. What are you supposed to do in a violent crisis situation?

Keep an eye out for problematic behavior.

Many violent situations may seem to crop up out of nowhere, but there are often behaviors you can identify beforehand, such as continuous or increasing belligerence, employees or others making specific threats, angry outbursts, homicidal or suicidal comments or threats, or other notable behavior changes. You can also take note of physical clues, such as closed off body posture or a generally disordered appearance.

If you’re faced with a violent crisis in your workplace, remember the following steps to stay safe.

Stay Calm

We know, remaining calm in a significantly tense or frightening situation is not easy. Focus on your breath and walking your heart rate down. You won’t be able to think straight or properly assess the situation if your body becomes trapped in fight or flight mode.

Listen, Don’t Speak

When you’re facing a violent attacker in the workplace, especially if that person has a weapon, allow that person to be in charge, and listen. He or she may just want for others to really hear what he or she has to say.

Think Before Speaking

Speaking on the fly is typically not helpful in this type of situation. You may say something unfortunate and accidently escalate the situation rather than calm it down. Think carefully before you speak, and avoid condescending or patronizing comments.

Don’t wait to protect your Nashville workplace until a violent crisis forces your hand. The security services offered by JS Security Consulting can provide your workplace with all of the systems and personnel you need to stay safe. Contact us today.

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