js security property surveillanceMany responsible Nashville business owners and other property owners do everything they’re supposed to when it comes to keeping their properties secure. They lock up when closing down for the day, set the alarm if there is one, and they may even leave a security light on inside. Unfortunately, vandals and other criminals aren’t always deterred by these methods. They may sneak onto your property simply to vandalize the exterior and wreak havoc, or they may decide to attempt a break in. Either way, you can make your property too much of a hassle for criminals by investing in property surveillance security services.

Professional surveillance keeps your property secure after hours.

Whether a strange car has been parking in front of your house, your business has fallen victim to vandalism, burglary, or another crime, or you would simply sleep better at night knowing your property is being looked after, the security professionals at JS Security Consulting can help. We have more than 100 years of combined experience and can provide your business, home, or other property with reliable surveillance services.

Our property surveillance services include mobile and/or physical inspections of the property depending on your particular needs. We’ll check your property’s perimeter and exterior doors, and we can check on any other facilities on the property, such as laundry rooms, tennis courts, community swimming pools, etc. Criminals won’t dare target your property when a JS security officer is on site. That being said, our team of professionals is also prepared to protect your property from unwanted visitors if needed.

Consisting of former law enforcement officers, correctional officers, and members of the military, our staff is uniquely prepared to handle any security situation. In addition, our property surveillance procedure for your property will be revisited and revised as necessary every three weeks in order to ensure that our security officers are providing the most relevant and effective security services possible for your property.

Whether you’re nervous about leaving your home unoccupied while on vacation, you’ve had people sneaking into your community facilities after hours, or businesses in your area have been getting broken into, protect your property with property surveillance services. At JS Security Consulting, we are dedicated to keeping your Nashville property secure. Call us, or contact us online for your free security consultation.

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