Why Construction surveillance?

Construction sites are a hotbed for collaboration and innovation, a place where months of planning show the first signs of fruition. And within the next steps of the process, your site is occupied from dawn until dusk with skilled professionals working diligently to meet strict deadlines and expectations. Neither you nor your employees need any setbacks to slow the job down. Unfortunately, setbacks can happen when your and your employees are on-site or not. Construction sites are a playground of sorts for many individuals; curious adolescents and more sinister-minded individuals are both threats to maintaining your site’s security. At JS Security Consultants, we understand your security services needs extend beyond the home and brick-and-mortar business. Read more to learn how JS’ construction site security services can help you and your business keep to even the most stringent deadlines while keeping you, your employees, and your construction site safe.

Some Considerations

Accidents & Injury

A fence and a “No Trespassing” sign may be your front line of defense when securing your construction site, but a fence can only do so much. You know that even the most well-organized construction sites are not immune from accident and injury. However, you may not have considered the risk of accident and injury outside of your team of skilled craftspeople. For some adolescents, a construction site is synonymous with “playground,” and your site’s scaffolding is just as attractive as a set of monkey bars atop an even bigger obstacle course. Adding construction JS security services to safeguard your site is an excellent step in ensuring you not only keep your employees safe, but also any curious explorers who might have their eyes set on scaling the fence into your site.

Sticky Fingers

Curious kids sneaking into your site is enough of a headache, but what if you’re among the unfortunate lot of business owners who experience theft from the construction site? You certainly wouldn’t be alone; The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that over $1 billion worth of construction site equipment is stolen annually. Monetary concerns aside, stolen tools and property compound to generate a slew of setbacks and unsavory issues to surmount to complete the site on time. Adding construction site security services is an excellent step in ensuring you’re never theft’s victim, and that your business continues to stand out among competitors.


No one wants to entertain the thought of their business going (literally) up in flames. However, the unfortunate reality is that, by design, construction sites, when not properly secured, are a veritable tinderbox. Beyond the fence-hopping kids and thieves, arsonists seek only to destroy your progress, tools, and peace of mind. Don’t neglect adding construction site security services when planning your next construction project.

Building a Reputation for Safety

Some security consultants might neglect the importance of construction site security services, but not JS Security Consultants. We understand that your construction company is part of the lifeblood that keeps America growing. Contact JS Security Consultants today to learn more about how we can protect you, your construction site, and your peace of mind.