dreamstime_xxl_48996171Business owners should never make any sort of security decisions lightly, and deciding on the addition of an armed security presence is no exception. Armed security provides facilities with an unmatchable sense of safety but also brings a loaded firearm into your place of business. Be sure that an armed security officer is absolutely necessary before making any sort of investment, or that an armed security solution is the only way to correct a current issue. Before you make your decision, also consider the following questions.

Is what I’m protecting worth the investment?

Before deciding on hiring an armed security guard, consider the cost of this investment against the value of the things you’re trying to protect. For example, it often doesn’t make sense for convenience stores, which sell inexpensive items, to hire armed security when an updated system and insurance policy will be sufficient. On the other hand, a jewelry store with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise on display can easily justify hiring armed security.

What are my neighbors doing for security?

It’s never a bad idea to see what your neighbors are doing, especially if whatever they’re doing seems to be providing sufficient security for their businesses. Find out if the facilities around yours and in your immediate area are using armed security. If they are, you might actually be putting a target on your property by not following suit because yours may be viewed as the least protected property in the area. If they are not, ask yourself why and what the differences are between their businesses and yours.

How will my customers feel?

It’s vitally important that you consider your customers before making any major business decisions, including whether or not to hire armed security. You don’t want to make your customers so uncomfortable on your property that they seek service or products elsewhere. Based on the types of customers that visit your business on a regular basis, will a firearm be a disturbing addition, or will your customers be comfortable with it? If you’re not sure, survey your customers for a week to find out.

How will my employees feel?

It’s also important not to forget about your employees. You’ll want to get their feelings on having firearms in the workplace, and you’ll also want to remember the overlap between the new security personnel and your current workforce. Ask yourself a few questions. How often will the security personnel interact with your current workforce? How will adding additional personalities into the mix affect your current business culture?

Once you’ve considered the above aspects of investing in armed security services, you’re ready to make a much more informed and purposeful decision. Whether you decide to hire armed security personnel or to simply upgrade your entire system, the protection professionals at JS Security Consulting can take care of you. Our varied security services can keep your facility safe whether it’s still in construction or been standing for decades. Learn about our armed security services, and don’t hesitate to contact us online with any questions.