Do you make it a habit to stay late at work, burning that midnight oil when your coworkers and superiors have already left? While we’re certainly not going to advise against your work ethic, there are certain tips you can keep in mind to stay safe while working late. At JS Security Consulting, we are dedicated to keeping Nashville a safe place to live and work, so here are four safety tips from our security consultants.

Four Tips to Keep You Safe While Working Late

woman working on phoneTell Someone

If you’ve ever heard the incredible survival story of Aron Ralston (portrayed by James Franco in 127 Hours), then you already understand the importance of always telling someone where you’re going and how long you plan on being there. We doubt any Nashville residents work in southeastern Utah, but it’s just as important to tell someone your plans when working late as it is when you’re heading on a canyon adventure. Tell your roommate, your spouse, or a close friend of your plans, and then shoot that person a text when you’re leaving with an idea of when you’ll be home.

woman in parking lotPark Strategically

If you know that you will be working late, even if this requires moving your car in the middle of your work day, try to park as close to the exit as possible in a well-lit area of the lot or garage. This will keep you from wandering around trying to find your vehicle in the dark, and the good lighting will make it easier for you to see if there is anything wrong. When you go home for the night, be sure to check around and inside your vehicle before getting in.

security cameraBe Seen

Especially if you work in a large facility, it is important to remain visible, if not to actual people, then at least to surveillance cameras. If you are aware of areas of your building that are monitored by cameras, try to stick to these areas. Keep on all of the lights in the building until you are ready to leave rather than only keeping your personal workspace illuminated, and try to stick to the main areas of the facility. If your job requires you to venture around an empty facility, keep your phone in hand, ready to call emergency services if necessary.

security officerUtilize Security Services

If your facility has security personnel on staff, be sure to communicate with whoever is working that night. Let the security officer know that you will be working late, and be sure to request his or her company when it comes time for you to head home. You may feel silly letting a security officer escort you to your vehicle, but there is truly no such thing as being too careful when it comes to your personal safety.

If your Nashville workplace doesn’t have security officers on the property, perhaps now is the time to suggest or initiate a change to that. Our security consultants at JS Security Consulting can provide facility security services. Get in touch with us for a complimentary security consultation.

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