Police baton, handcuffs and other types of non-lethal weapons on the belt of a security officer

Your business’ security is important, but so is the safety of your employees and others on your business’ property. That’s why it’s so important that both unarmed guards and armed guards are properly trained on using less lethal measures.

Studies show that less lethal measures can be much more effective in harm reduction and de-escalation of a situation than lethal measures. While everything is situational, it’s important that guards know when to use these less lethal measures. Proper training helps ensure that. This is why our guards at JS Security Consulting are trained fully on less lethal measures. If you want to protect your business and the people a part of your business, let us tell you the benefits of properly training guards on less lethal measures.

Keeping Businesses Safe With Less Lethal Measures Training

Having a team of security guards on your business’ property can help reduce risks, lessen threats and keep your team of employees safe. But in order to do so, the team of security guards needs to have the training to know how to respond to threatening situations. 

Guards that aren’t properly trained on less lethal measures could put the safety of your employees at risk. If a guard doesn’t know how or when to safely and efficiently apply less lethal measures, then they are at a greater risk for injuring themselves and the suspect. This could potentially be a liability for your business. To avoid all this, you want to be sure that your guards have the necessary training.

Less lethal force includes the use of a baton, chemical agents like pepper spray or electronic control devices.

This study finds that electronic control devices and chemical agents have a high success rate for deescalation of a conflict with a suspect. The study also finds that failure to deescalate the situation upon the first confrontation with the suspect leads to a higher rate of injury for both officer (guard) and suspect. For this reason, it is essential that guards are properly trained on how to use these lethal measures correctly. This way escalation or injury can be prevented all together.

It’s also important that guards know when to use these less lethal methods. For example, a suspect’s presence may only require verbal force from the guards. If an officer were to use a chemical agent or baton when it’s not needed, there is potential for the situation to escalate. This could also create a liability for the business. 

Having guards that know how and when to use less lethal methods is essential for the safety of your business and employees.

Does Your Business Have Guards Properly Trained on Less Lethal Measures?

When it comes to security, it’s important to work with a team of guards that are well-versed on proper protocol. That’s why at JS Security Consulting we offer training on less lethal methods backed by over 100 years of combined experience.

In addition to our 4-hour Less Lethal- Baton & Chemical Agent Course and 4-hour Less Lethal- Electronic Control Devices & Baton Course, we also offer Armed and Unarmed Guard Training. Our courses will provide you with ASP Baton Certification, Pepper Spray Certification, Guard Certification and Security Guard Licenses. Our team of experts offer top-of-the-line training that will help create successful and well-prepared security guards.

You deserve to feel safe and secure. When you choose JS Security, you can rest easy knowing that you and your business are in knowledgeable hands. Contact our experts at JS Security Company today for a security consultation.