The debate to hire security guards for your business has its advocates and its detractors. As the owner of a security guard company, I absolutely believe that security guards are an asset to your organization. In conjunction with technology, the right security company can directly impact your bottom line by being a visible deterrent to those individuals who have less than good wishes for your company or its employees. Combining a good CCTV monitoring system in conjunction with a security guard service provides supporting data that is used together to reduce criminal activities. So what happens when you decide for any number of reasons that you no longer need security on your site? We have a perfect case study we want to share that represents one scenario.

In this case study, we were performing property surveillance for a property management company for about 10 months with under 3 incidents during that time period. When the property was sold, the company who hired us gave our information to the new property management company to continue services. They ultimately did not choose any security guard service and 30 days after the new property management company took over, 50+ tenant cars had their glass smashed in and the contents of their vehicles burglarized.

Smart Criminals watch and choose the right time and the right place to strike. These individuals likely knew that the property was under surveillance and knew when it was not, making it a prime target for criminal behavior. A good security company can make you think that danger does not exist because nothing has gotten stolen, or nothing has been vandalized but ‘nothing” is what we strive to achieve. The truth is that the customized processes we put in place per site are crafted carefully to deter criminals. The attire we choose is designed to be seen. Switching up our routine guards against predictability.

If we monetize what just happened for this new property management company, I would estimate damages in property are tens of thousands of dollars and the damage to the tenants’ feeling of safety cannot be measured. The downhill effect to the bottom line is that tenants will vacate, reviews will be shared, and revenues will be lost.

We hate that this happened to this company, but we also understood that our presence on that site when we had it proved to be effective. We were noticed which enforced our strategy of being a deterrent and keeping things calm and quiet.

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