Why Property Surveillance?

Let’s face it: we live in a world that affords criminal opportunists ample chance to rob us not only of our possessions, but of our comfort, safety, and peace of mind. Unfortunately, Nashville is far from immune to these threats; in 2015, Nashville earned the unflattering distinction of second-highest percentage increase in murders the United States, based on the 50 most-populated cities in the nation. This doesn’t bode well for Nashville’s reputation of providing residents and visitors alike with genuine southern hospitality. Perhaps oxymoronically, the flourishing culture of warm and inviting southern hospitality survives, due in no small part to those who protect us from vicious predators. JS Security Consultants understands that protecting yourself, your property, your assets, your family and sense of security places second to none. That’s why we’re committed to protecting you and/or your business from the threats that are all-too commonplace nowadays. Still need some convincing that JS Security Consultants’ property surveillance services are right for you? Read on to learn more about the security services we offer to protect you, your family, and your property.


Proven Experience, Expertise, & Execution

Not all security services — let alone security consultants — have the experience needed to provide adequate and robust property surveillance services. However, JS Security Consultants proudly offers clients more than 100 years of combined experience in the security services industry. Every security guard and all security personnel hired through JS Security Consultants boasts an impressive and dedicated background in security services, including previous or current employment as members of law enforcement, corrections, and/or the military.  By employing only the finest security guards, these varied (albeit related) backgrounds allow JS Security Consultants to provide only the utmost professional security services available in the Nashville area.


What Property Surveillance Security Services Affords You

When you choose JS Security Consultants, you’re not only choosing professionalism and expertise, but also selecting a security service that often goes ignored. However, selecting additional security services for your property not only decreases your chance of theft, burglary, and home invasion, but sends a powerful message to would-be invaders and/or attackers that, should they make the foolish decision to invade your home, they are up against the finest and most professional security consultants in the area. JS Security Consultants also understands that not all properties have the luxury of self-administered security services, especially in underserved and under-protected areas of Nashville. That’s why we provide only the most qualified security guards and security services. Each highly-skilled and trained member of the JS Security Consultants team is trained to keep all areas of your property safe, whether in- or outside. Moreover, we offer mobile and physical property inspection, resulting in a truly unique and robust property surveillance experience. These inspections allow our security guards to:

  • Check structural parameters
  • Ensure proper closure and locking of doors
  • Monitor smaller, often closed-off rooms, including laundry rooms, bathrooms, storage rooms, and basements
  • Diligently assess activity around your property, including, but not limited to:
    • Monitoring sporting facilities around your property
    • Gather information on suspicious activity, cars, or people
    • Compile and make available to you comprehensive reports concerning you and your property’s safety

We understand that not all of these needs apply to you and your property. That’s why JS Security Consultants offer customizable and client-tailored property surveillance services to match just about any security need you, your property, or family might have. Have questions about how we can assist in keeping you and your property safe? Contact us now for your free consultation.


Choose Experience. Choose Integrity. Choose JS Security Consultants

We know that you have numerous choices when selecting security services in the Nashville area. But if you’re one of the selective many who trusts only the finest, most experienced security services companies with the utmost integrity, then the choice is clear: JS Security Consultants is your security services company in the Nashville area. Still unsure? Contact us now to learn more about JS Security Consultant’s robust offering of exceptional security services.