While JS Security Consulting is here for you when you need protection and security services for yourself, your facility, etc., there won’t always be someone around to help you if you’re in trouble. We all hope that our homes will never be broken into or that we will never be attacked while walking home, but we can’t plan for these types of things. Keep the following simple safety tips in mind to stay safe when you have to rely on yourself.

5 Simple Safety Tips

phoneBe Present

Stay aware of what’s happening around you by always staying present within the moment. This may be mentally taxing at first and might take practice to master, but a large part of staying safe is awareness. Practice using your peripheral vision and paying attention to what’s going on beside and behind you in addition to what’s in front of you. This way, you’ll be able to recognize risks as they develop rather than only reacting once the threat has reached you. A large part of this will be keeping your eyes off of your phone and keeping headphones out of your ears. Don’t take your senses for granted, and put distractions away.

keys carBe Prepared

We’ve all heard the “have your keys in hand before reaching your vehicle” advice, but there are many more small preparations you can make to keep yourself safe. For instance, while walking alone (especially at night), you can keep your cell phone in your hand in case you need to make an emergency call quickly. If you walk alone often, plan the routes you’ll use to stay in more heavily populated areas and avoid poorly-lit ones. Finally, keep cash on you at all times just in case you decide you need to take a taxi cab the rest of the way.

shhhSafeguard Your Address

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to your personal safety is keeping the place where you hang your hat private. When you’re forced to say your address out loud to someone, such as a pharmacy tech or a bank teller, whisper it to them to avoid being overheard. This tip is especially important for those of you who live alone. Be sure to keep your address to yourself even while traveling. Don’t share your room number with anyone who doesn’t absolutely need it, and be sure that it isn’t exposed while you’re checking in. If the front desk attendant at the hotel says your room number aloud, you can always ask for another room with the number written down for you.

man thinkFollow Your Instincts

If a certain person or situation makes your gut start to tingle, get out. Your instincts are not something to take for granted. If your gut is telling you that you are in danger, don’t waste time trying to decide whether or not you’re being paranoid. Act first, and you can rationalize later. Many of us assume we’re being judgemental or smug when our first impressions of a person are negative. Our instincts tell us that there is something offbeat about a person, but we turn around and tell ourselves that we’re basing that fact on his or her appearance or “judging a book by its cover.” Learn to listen to your gut. You could be wrong, but it’s likely that you’re not.

tie shoesWear Comfortable Shoes

You may be wondering why we’re suddenly talking about shoes, but in a fight or flight situation, escape will be extremely difficult if you’re wearing high heels or sandals without a heel strap. Either plan your daily outfits around a pair of comfortable shoes that won’t fall off of your feet while you run, or keep a pair of sneakers handy. Walk to work in your running shoes, and then change into your heels, loafers, or other dress shoes when you get there.

Give these simple tips some thought to stay safe when you must rely on yourself. Are you involved in a safety situation that is out of your control? At JS Security Consulting, we offer a variety of security services. Give us a call or contact us online if you need a security escort, facility security, etc. Stay safe.