dreamstime_xxl_30126389Your front desk is your first line of defense, so keeping your employees, residents, visitors, and others safe begins here. Have you considered the benefits of hiring security personnel to man the front desk, reception, or lobby area of your building? Regardless of the type or purpose of your business or other property, a security presence can keep it protected against vandalism, theft, and other undesirable and criminal activity.

Intimidating Presence

A security guard is an intimidating presence. Simply by being seen, a uniformed security officer serves as a deterrent. For example, a thief or other criminal who had considered targeting your property will likely move on after noticing a uniformed guard. The well-trained and experienced security personnel at JS Security Consulting provide vigilant and responsive protection for front desk/reception areas, and they have what it takes to handle extreme circumstances should they occur.

Comforting Presence

While the presence of security personnel might make certain people nervous and will deter crime, it will also comfort you and your employees or residents. You’ll be able to focus on what you should be focusing on while a JSSC team of protection professionals takes care of your building’s front security.  

Extreme Circumstances

When extreme or dangerous circumstances arise, it’s always better to have someone present who can respond to the event without panicking. At JS Security Consulting, our security teams are made up of veterans of law enforcement and the military, so our people know how to keep their heads and keep people safe.

If you think your property would benefit from front desk security, contact us online for a free consultation.