Here at JS Security Consulting, we offer the Nashville area a wide variety of security services. Our security company, for example, can provide your home or business property with personalized surveillance, front desk security, armed and unarmed officers, etc., but what about basic home security? Do you know the tips and tricks of keeping your home safe from unwanted guests? Keep reading to learn the basics.

Remember These Basics of Home Security

key in deadboltRemember Preparation Is Not Paranoia

Unless you’re planning on balancing a bucket of maple syrup over your backdoor, there is no such thing as too much preparation when it comes to the security of your home and the safety of those living there. Don’t shy away from some simple preparation just because you feel as if you’re being paranoid. (Paranoia didn’t kill the cat.) Focus on the small steps you can make towards ideal home security:

  • Hide your valuables in unassuming places, such as your child’s dresser or buried out back.
  • Place sports equipment or decor by all exterior doors that could be used as weapons in an emergency.
  • Personalize commonly stolen items, such as tools; burglars often avoid easily identifiable items.
  • Keep your keys on your bedside table to have immediate access to your car’s alarm.
  • Place strong bars of wood or metal in the inner exposed track of your sliding glass doors and windows to keep them secure if the latches fail.
  • Deadbolt all exterior doors every time you leave the house.  
  • Install motion sensor lights outside.

burglarKnow Your Home’s Vulnerabilities

One of the best ways to keep your home safe and secure is to actually know where the weaknesses and vulnerabilities exist. Our security company can offer consulting services, but if you have some free time, try planning to burglarize your own home. Walk the exterior and look for any easy access points. Check your dog door. Is it large enough that a person could slip inside? Other vulnerabilities to look for include exterior access points made easier by homeowner decisions. For example, a pile of chopped wood may seem innocent to a homeowner, but a burglar may use it as a means to climb through a window. Even overgrown bushes can compromise the security of your home, creating dark, covered places to hide criminals.

house at nightWhen You’re Not Home

If you live alone and work the night shift or have ever gone on a vacation away from home, then you’ve probably experienced the stress of returning home, wondering if anyone has been inside your house while you were gone. The expert consultants at our security company have an easy solution for you; make it appear as if there is always someone home. There are many techniques homeowners use to accomplish this:

  • Keep an interior light on while you’re gone.
  • When leaving, say goodbye to your imaginary roommate.
  • Have a neighbor gather all mail, newspapers, flyers, packages, etc. while you’re on vacation.
  • Have a neighbor mow your lawn while you’re on vacation.
  • Avoid announcing trips/vacations on social media.

We hope these tips help you in your endeavors to keep your home safe and secure. For help with any security issue you may be facing, don’t hesitate to contact our security company. At JS Security Consulting, we’re dedicated to providing top-of-the-line security services.