Are you a Nashville business owner? Check out our previous blog post discussing three tips for protecting your business from burglary, and keep reading for three more tips from the expert consultants at our Nashville security company.

Consider your exterior & display windows.

There are a number of investments you can make to protect your business from burglars who want to use windows as entry points. You can place bars over your windows, add a protective glaze coating to the glass, or invest in strong safety glass, such as tempered glass, wire mesh glass, or laminated glass. These types of safety windows can still be broken, but it takes much more effort and repeated impacts, giving your neighbors the chance to hear what’s happening and call the proper authorities.

Invest in an alarm and video monitoring system.

There are a number of alarm and video monitoring systems out there, and you will have to decide which is best for your business. One recommendation we would like to make is a silent system that will directly alert the local police or a local private protection agency. By using a silent system, you are much more likely to successfully apprehend your burglar.

Provide your employees with appropriate training.

Our final tip for protecting your business from burglars is to keep your employees informed and properly trained. You don’t want your carefully planned security measures to be defeated by a careless employee leaving a window unlocked or a door propped open. Be sure to include a process to follow in the case of a lost key.

For burglar protection and other security and safety advice that is tailored directly to your business, contact our Nashville security company, JS Security Consulting. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you identify the security needs at your business.

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