As a business owner, you have much more than just your bottom line to be worried about. Nashville is no stranger to crime, and you may be concerned about the security of your business property. Have businesses in your area fallen victim to burglaries? Have you noticed suspicious persons or vehicles hanging around the business for no apparent reason? Keep the following tips from our Nashville security company in mind to protect your business from burglars.

Keep track of who has access and when.

If you and your staff use keys to enter the building, be sure to document everything. Who has a key? What does that key open? During what time of day will you expect for this person to use the key? By keeping a clear record of your keys this way, you will always know who has access to what.

Invest in strong exterior locks.

What kind of lock you have on your exterior door matters, so don’t mistakenly believe you can get away with a simple knob lock. A burglar is much more likely to move on if he or she encounters a very strong, sturdy deadbolt as opposed to something that could be easily opened by any average Joe with a credit card.

Illuminate your property.

When it comes to keeping the lights on, a good rule of thumb is to illuminate both the interior and exterior of your business. Keep at least one security light on inside when you close up, and illuminate all points of entry, including windows and vents large enough to crawl through.

We hope these tips help you keep your business safe from burglars. See part two for three more tips on protecting your business. Do you need advice more specific to your business? Contact our security company, JS Security Consulting, and ask about our security consulting services.

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